Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Two Mules for Sister Sara

Being a sucker that I am for Western genre American films I hit upon Two Mules for Sister Sara. All I knew when I started watching was the movie had Clint Eastwood. Well lo and behold we are faced with a stark naked woman trying to protect herself from three banditos. 

Confession - I am at 11 minutes 30 seconds from the beginning of the film

What do I notice - Shirley McLaine has mascara, false eyelashes and plenty of foundation. Now that, of course, is not surprising. What is surprising is that in the film she is playing the role of a nun in a 17th or 18th century American West. Boy do I love Westerns or what? The casting team could have easily picked a nobody for the role. But they picked the Shirley McLaine. They cast her as a nun getting raped by a couple of thugs in 18th century barren American countryside. Quite an irony, huh.

Love it, love it, love it.

Image courtesy - Nothing is Written

Its good to be back.

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