Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another June afternoon

Its another afternoon like the one I wrote about earlier and I am sitting at home watching this movie Little Giants on HBO. Its about "a man who leads a group of misfits into competition against his brother's successful football team". My query in the earlier post is answered. Now I know why those kids give free car washes. Its to collect tips for their sports gear and stuff. Aha - my moment of Zen!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Brandon Ratcliff

On Wednesday (06/20/07) I saw Me and You and Everyone We Know, an award winning comic film which is very reflective of our times. The basic plot revolves around Christine Jesperson (Miranda July) and Richard Swersey (played by John Hawkes) who acts as a salesman and a father of two boys, and has recently separated from his wife. One thing that struck me was the uncanny facial resemblance this guy has with Ben Kingsley (esp how he looked in Gandhi). Christine is a struggling artist who is trying to get her work recognized in (fickle?) the world of modern art. For her living she runs "Eldercab" - a car rental for elderly people. Apart from this main plot there are subplots involving among others a shoe salesman colleague of Richard who is a single guy on the heavier side and has obviously not been so successful with the female kind. His role involves communicating his hidden fantasies to two teenage girls who are school mates of Richards sons.


My pick of the whole cast though is the 7 year old Brandon Ratcliff who plays the role of Richards younger son Robby. Even though I would give in that the character has been given a role which is decidedly too mature and weighty for a 7 year old but Brandon does a remarkable job. In one of the scenes where Robby and Miles (his older brother) are chatting anonymously with a girl on the internet he matter-of-factly gives out the theory of "back and forth".

I lost the rest of this post because of some special symbols I used in the text!! Aaaarghhh!!! Even Google has flaws!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today and Tomorrow (Hoy y mañana)

06/13/2007: I picked up this DVD at random from the library. The cover says its the winner at Havana Film Festival and also chosen as the Best First Film at LA Latino Film festival. This is my first experience with Argentinian cinema.

My take - Good movie to watch if you are in introspective mood. Definitely not a happy ending.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A June Afternoon

Yes its a June afternoon alright, but very far from what Roxette described in her song! Its 65 deg F (18 deg C) here near New York City and its a cloudy, windy day. I am sitting in my apartment near the window facing the backyard and every couple of minutes a cool gush of wind soothes me!

I went to Columbus this past weekend. Since I am more accustomed to the east coast (NJ, NY, Penn) roads, I noticed something which looked very odd at first. On a lot of busy intersections you would find kids and young adults standing with big placards which read "Car Wash" or "Free Car Wash". Sometimes they would also shout the same; at other times they would advertise specialties like 'gay friendly' etc.