Saturday, October 25, 2008

How To Have 700 Friends And Still Be Alone

An interesting observation in the New York Times Magazine. Read it here.

Quite an irony, huh?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Yi Yi

I just finished watching my first Taiwanese film - Edward Yang's Yi Yi. To say it was brilliant would be an understatement. I feel that only a few number of filmmakers would attempt a serious project of such depth in scope, characters and plots. And only once in decades can one of them execute it with this mastery.

The idea behind the cover photo is deftly explained in the story. The boy Yang Yang (Jonathan Chang) explains that we only see half of the world because the other half eyes are unable to see. With his camera he tries to capture the hidden half for the people he meets. The boy is thus the director/writer Edward Yang's representative in the film. Lives and relationships, both business and personal, are wonderfully explored in this film through some very well defined characters, ranging in age from a newborn child to a dying old woman.

My moment of Zen - The piano score (Kaili Peng) on the DVD menu is simply marvelous.