Saturday, October 27, 2007

Museum Of Moving Image

Saturday October 27, 2007: Today I am going to the Museum of Moving Image in Astoria (Steinway St).

The event is called Warhol's World - named after movie maker Andy Warhol.

Today's shows (descriptions from the MOMI website)

Kitchen and Beauty #2 : Edie Sedgwick tends to domestic chores while being seduced.
Camp and the Velvet Underground and Nico: Impromtu vaudeville show.

More on this later.

UPDATE - Ended up not going on Oct 27th

I finally went to the Museum on Nov 3rd (Saturday). Was around there at about 3:00 PM but found that the movie was going to start at 5:00 PM. Bad luck. Ended up eating at the Cup Diner opposite to the museum. I had an Omelette with Bloody Mary. Good meal.

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