Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A June Afternoon

Yes its a June afternoon alright, but very far from what Roxette described in her song! Its 65 deg F (18 deg C) here near New York City and its a cloudy, windy day. I am sitting in my apartment near the window facing the backyard and every couple of minutes a cool gush of wind soothes me!

I went to Columbus this past weekend. Since I am more accustomed to the east coast (NJ, NY, Penn) roads, I noticed something which looked very odd at first. On a lot of busy intersections you would find kids and young adults standing with big placards which read "Car Wash" or "Free Car Wash". Sometimes they would also shout the same; at other times they would advertise specialties like 'gay friendly' etc.

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ChristinaG said...

Nice blog :)

I worked "free" car washes when I was growing up in northern Virginia, so they do have them on the East Coast too. The people tip really well. Back in the early 90's we usually got $20-50 per car.