Sunday, February 19, 2006

On blogging

Why Blog? Well, why not? Once in a while all of us get that feeling that your head will just burst because so many ideas and thoughts are going through it. You need to yak yak about them with someone or want write them down. It so happens that there is no one to talk with today.

A few things about me - I am 28+ years old. I was born in South Asia and now live and work in New York City. I am single and love movies, books, traveling and food. Also I often dream of an Utopian world.

At most times I will write about movies that I watch. Occasionally, however, I will also scribble about the places I go to or the food that I eat.
The Golden Rule:


Anonymous said...

Well I decided to post my first comment myself. I will set up some rules here just for the heck of it:

1. Do not post foul words in any other language except English. This is a public blog.

2. Keep coming back - I will try to update this often.

3. Get a blogger account - You need this for posting replies. It is damn simple, one page. Just do it.

Anonymous said...
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